As you already probably know EVERY COVID-19 Vaccines contain Nanoparticles. 

Ever wonder why they are using Nanotechnology in ALL COVID-19 VACCINES? 

COVID-19 Vaccine Frontrunners and Their Nanotechnology Design

Nanotechnology for COVID-19: Therapeutics and Vaccine Research

These Nanoparticles have a VARIETY of functions. In order to secure their permanent enslavement plan they NEED to Ensure their Biological Slave Collars Work.

What’s The New Biological Slave Collar? Quantum Dots & Nanoparticles 

The Nanoparticle Protein Corona will be essential in creating Quantum Dots

In Situ Investigation on the Protein Corona Formation of Quantum Dots by Using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer

A fundamental understanding of nanoparticle–protein corona and its interactions with biological systems is essential for future application of engineered nanomaterials.

Quantum Dots as a Promising Agent to Combat COVID‐19

Quantum Dots are created using Nanotechnology. It provides you with a Unique Signature Tied to your DNA

Presence of dynamics of quantum dots in the digital signature using DNA alphabet and chaotic S-box

This Signature allows a direct link to you thereby creating a Physical link (Molecular) to a Digital Blockchain.

Quantum Dot and Blockchain

Quantum Dots enable remote control systems to activate inside your body at the cellular level. This allows for you to be Remote Controlled

These Remote Control Systems include: 

– Delivery Systems (Therapeutics / Drugs &

Gene Deliveries)

– Triggering Processes (Gene Silencing, Gene Expression & Gene Replacement) 

Think of a computer connected to a network, each one has its own MAC Address. 

That’s EXACTLY like Quantum Dots to biological entities. Each entity (person) connected to the Quantum Network will have their own distinct biological ID (MAC Address).

Remember computers are accessible once connected to a network. So information can be sent and received. Same Exact Premise for Quantum Dots!

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