He says about 16% were ‘placebo’ (saline) and all the others had random viruses to include ebola! Heavy metals, human fetal lung tissue and monkey kidney material were also present as well as all manner of bacteria and other bizarre shit.

Some Dr. friends of his smuggled used vaccine vials out of clinical settings that had small amounts of product remaining (from all 3 brands) in them- he reports they were all literally different. He also tested influenza ones which were consistent, in that, they all contained what they were supposed to (along with WAY too much aluminum and other dangerous crap- but nowhere near what the Covid ones had in them).

Perhaps most interesting, this guy reports that the vaccines are ‘turning people into ‘batteries'” with increasing, measurable voltage depending on whether they had one or two doses and that this is possibly why some people have been experiencing uncontrollable movements, etc.

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