Whilst we are all being distracted with (insert media distraction here) plans are almost complete where under WHO (globalist) dictates, every country on Earth is to sign an agreement for managing future pandemics with the aim to implement this in 2024. 

Think this agreement is a way off? Think again. 

This is due to be signed March 1st 2022.

“A convention, agreement or other international instrument that is legally binding under international law.”

Countries’ leaders are going to enter into an internationally binding legal agreement with The World Health Organisation, which finally signs away OUR RIGHTS to the globalists. You read that correctly. The Corporations will be locking the doors of our cells behind us.

I cannot stress this enough. If this passes, the psychopaths in the WHO will be able to dictate all sorts of draconian measures under a global legal agreement that uses a declaration of global emergency as the cover to do what the hell they want. 

Think they couldn’t get away with it? Wrong. They have already tested it out to see what the people will do when Dan Andrews, the Communist Leader in Chief of the Australian State of Victoria, imposed a test set of similar ‘laws’ giving the Premier, ie. him, such rights to lock down the whole state on his whim under emergency measures. No other approvals needed – UTTER tyranny. Well, besides resistance from over 120 000 brave Victorians, the Bill passed in December of 2021, with Royal Assent from the Governor.

Victorian government’s pandemic bill becomes law | https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-02/covid-victoria-pandemic-bill-passes-through-parliament/100668140

This is the big one – read the WHO Bill below and more importantly UNDERSTAND IT AND SHARE WIDELY and reject it utterly. I cannot emphasize just how important it is that you seriously consider, with a hindsight knowledge of their track record and utterly psychopathic actions already, that this will pave the way for a Phase II “viral outbreak” that will be as fake as phase 1, the ‘next one that will get our attention” to paraphrase Bill Gates. If this passes the Corporations can wave International Law at the Police and Military and have them act against us. If they resist, UN Forces will be compelled to act. 

Any government that signs up to this has committed treason against its people, has thus abdicated any right it has to govern and must be immediately removed in order to ensure the safety and liberty of its nation. Resist this in every way possible – this is a MAXIMUM ALERT:


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