Edward Dowd presents another set of data that backs up his claim that Millenials suffered a catastrophe one year ago.

Back in March, Edward Dowd made a claim using CDC data that Millenials suffered an unacceptable excess mortality rate of 84% during the fall of 2021. Mr. Dowd’s theory is that the deaths of the ~61,000 young working-age people in that time period were largely connected to the rollout of vaccine boosters and employment mandates.

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The Rate of Change is the Signal
Following last month’s findings by Ed Dowd, he and his actuarial insurance expert partner have dug even further into the raw data and came back with a not so pretty picture. Ed went on Daniel Horowitz’s podcast last week to break down the numbers and explain his theory as to what it all means. He took the CDC data on all deaths, established a baseline r…

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The argument is that even if a portion of those excess deaths were due to overdoses and suicides, there’s no explanation as to why those deaths would be concentrated into such a short time span, rather than spread out evenly throughout the pandemic. The rate of change in Q3 of 2021 indicates that there was an outside intervention connected to those deaths. Mandates and boosters fit right in to that timeline, and last night on Warroom, Mr. Dowd has revealed another leg for that theory to stand on.

The Society of Actuaries Research Institute put out a report on mortality from group life insurance claims that represent about 80% of such plans in the United States. Their report shows the same Q3 2021 spike in death that Mr. Dowd discovered, and then a decrease to a ~20% increase over baseline rate towards the end of 2021 and continuing into 2022.

The Society of Actuaries report confirms the underlying data that Dowd claimed using CDC data months ago. Dowd is using the math to further cement his argument that the vaccines are a disaster, and he’s calling for an immediate end to the vaccine program, which he defines as a democide.

The evidence is becoming overwhelming, and the shift in narrative from the CDC earlier this week seems to Mr. Dowd to be an indication that they know what’s coming, and the bodies won’t stay hidden for much longer.

Dr. Naomi Wolf and Dr. Robert Malone also appeared on Warroom last night, and broke down the challenges the CDC is deservedly facing now under Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s failed leadership:

  • Grand Jury Petition from Senators Thatcher and Linthicum, and Dr. Henry Ealy names Rochelle Walensky personally as a defendant. That petition is currently at the end of the 60-day\ period that she had to respond to their demand. The petition alleges that she and the CDC engaged in willful misconduct to provide documentation unlawfully to a third party, which led to serious mistakes in public health.
  • A lawsuit from America First Legal is being filed in response to learning about the coordinated efforts between the CDC and Twitter to remove journalists off their platform via a FOIA request.

Dr. Malone published a fantastic piece about the rot at the CDC, and their public plan to pivot the official Covid response away from the mess that Rachelle Walensky created. He pointed out that while that might seem like a cause for optimism, they’re not doing any serious introspection or post-mortem analysis on the damage caused by their guidance. They’re not even acknowledging all the damage that’s been caused by their guidance, which makes it appear that they’ve learned absolutely nothing, and will continue with nonsense guidelines through future pandemics.

In her own words:

“Liberty House is a new destination, near Hudson, New York, dedicated to convening and hosting thought leaders and advocates of the movement to defend Constitutional and human rights.

“We need to rebuild American civil society, from medicine to politics to journalism, in ways free of corruption, and we need to teach America’s best ideals to the next generation, lest they be lost. Liberty House aims to welcome leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life who have programming ideas, or work to do, or communities to build, along these lines; and we also aim to provide a permanent home, archive, and institutional memory, to support the ideals of Constitution, freedom and human rights into the future.”

As Dr. Wolf said to Mr. Bannon, NOTHING will stop the thousands of volunteers who have come together in an almost miraculous manner to push back against a wildly out-of-control administrative state, and reclaim our freedoms for ourselves.

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